12 11

FORM & FLOW workshop

During the last week I have been teaching the Form and Flow workshop at AD:MT for the students of 01MSc Urban Design. The workshop presents proposals for the new Nørrebro Metro station that challenge a public flow space, where flow studies are developed into rule based structures that address forms informed by crowd simulations. More […]

12 10

Patterns by Andre Ermolaev

The flow of rivers in the volcanic ground of Iceland is captured in an intriguing combination of colors, lines and patterns, in these aerial photographs of Andre Ermolaev.      

12 03

Cocooned trees

Spontaneous settlement caused by flooding

11 12

Design Modelling Symposium Berlin 2011

Abstract The design of a free-form roof structure is presented together with an approach to the problem of reducing construction costs and defining an efficient structural behavior for the proposed shape. The optimization procedure described in this paper has been developed, starting from a design proposal for a new Historical Museum at the Viking fortress ‘Fyrkat’, […]

11 11

Infra by Richard Mosse – Conflict and landscape through Aerochrome film

Rendering the natural landscape in a vivid pink hue

11 11

Eladio Dieste – Adapting to materials, building traditions and climate